Engineering and Management Consultancy

It is a technology company located in the Defense Industry Sectors, carrying out activities such as engineering services and software production, and focusing on embedded, real-time, safety critical systems.

Defense industry

R&D activities in the defense industry are a critical process carried out for the purpose of developing, improving and updating defense technologies.

These services include equipment, communication systems, cyber security and logistics.

Technology Development

We are rapidly continuing to work on the defense industry to develop high-tech products with domestic resources, using the latest technologies.

Engineering and Design

Thanks to our engineering and design services, we aim to offer high value-added products and solutions to the domestic and global markets with our R&D studies.

Materials and Production Technology

We continue our work with the aim of nationalizing the technological equipment needed in the defense industry, making production processes efficient and reducing costs.

Software and Information Technologies

We operate in software and information technologies in areas such as communication systems, cyber security solutions and information processing technologies in the defense industry.

R&D studies; We complete it with the coordinated work of 4 different disciplines.

  • Electronic Circuit Design
  • Embedded and Interface Software
  • Mechanical Design and Manufacturing
  • Testing and Engineering Service
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